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BabyFM fetal Dopplers give you peace of mind by allowing you to hear your baby’s fetal heartbeat anytime and anywhere using ultrasound technology. Listening to your baby’s heartbeat using a BabyFM Fetal Doppler is a true comfort for parents-to-be. Knowing your baby is safe between doctor visits is priceless. Some Fetal Doppler models even allow you to record your baby’s heartbeat to keep forever. All models are compact and battery powered to allow you to listen to your baby’s heartbeat wherever you choose.

All BabyFM Fetal Dopplers are of the highest quality, and some are designed to be used by obstetricians.  The Mayo Clinic has commented on the safety of Fetal Dopplers by stating, “In 30 years of regular use, no adverse effects have ever been demonstrated from ultrasound testing.”

Whereas some fetal Doppler websites have no telephone for your questions or help, we do.  We are proud to offer the industry’s best customer care. 

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Featured Product - Fetal Doppler - Model C

  • Display
  • Recorder
  • Speaker

All Fetal Dopplers Include:

  • Ultrasound Gel. Free 2.5 oz tube of gel.
  • Three AA Batteries. They are good for about 1,000 one-minute exams.
  • Get The Beat Guide. Provides helpful tips on how to easily locate your baby's fetal heart beat.


Fetal Doppler - Model C
With this BabyFM Fetal Doppler you can listen to your baby’s heartbeat through the built-in speaker or through headphones.  Using the audio output you can connect the Doppler to a recorder or computer to record your baby’s heartbeat and burn to a CD or email to family and friends.   An alarm sounds if the Fetal Heart Rate is not in the normal range.

The large backlit LCD display shows beats per minute in real-time.  It not only shows the heart rate numerically on the screen, but also shows it in a visual curve mode.  Basic functions such as battery life and signal strength are also on the display screen.



Automatic Power Off – The Doppler has an automatic power-off function after not being used that conserves battery life.  It comes with a rechargeable battery and the charger.

Comfort Fit Probe - The probe is very comfortable on your belly and is specifically shaped for ease of use. The actual unit fits easily in your hand.

#1 Order &Technical Support - We are proud to offer the industries best customer care. No one can match our commitment to answering your individual questions.